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CSRC Swim Team Parents – below please find your volunteer signups for this season. Each Swim Team family needs to sign up for the equivalent of 2 full meets.  Exceptions include families with Shrimps only, and families with volunteers serving at multiple meets, such as t-shirts/swim caps, meet computer operators, or volunteer coordinators.  Shrimp parents will [...]

News about our Swim Team.

Date Opponent Location Start Time May 27th (Thurs.) Foxcroft Hills AWAY 5:30 pm June 1st (Tues.) Barclay Downs HOME 5:30 pm June 5th (Sat.) Park Crossing HOME 8:00 am June 10th (Thurs.) Beverly Woods East AWAY 5:30 pm June 12th (Sat.) South Park HOME 8:00 am June 19th (Sat.) Olde Providence AWAY 8:00 am June 24th (Thurs.) All-Star Meet MCAC (Uptown) 6:00 [...]

Date Opponent Location Start Time* Results May 27th (Thurs.) Foxcroft Hills AWAY 4:30 pm Warm-ups @    4:15 pm CSRC – 464 FXH – 376  Link to Results June 1st (Tues.) Barclay Downs HOME 5:00 pm Warm-ups @      4:30 pm CSRC – 500 BD – 335 Link to Results June 5th (Sat.) Park Crossing HOME 7:45 am Warm-ups

General Tips Your first swim meet can be a bit overwhelming for swimmers and parents. Here are some tips to make your first meet go smoothly for you and your family. Swim meets can be long and hot. sometimes lasting four hours or more (unless the meet is run in sessions). Shrimp only families may [...]

May 3rd – May 26th (Mon – Fri) – Regular Evening Practices: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 4:30 – 5 pm – Shrimps (no Shrimp practice on Fridays) 5 – 6 pm – 7/8’s and 9/10’s 6 – 7 pm – 11’s and up Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30 – 5:30 pm – 7/8’s and 9/10’s 5:30 – 6:30 pm – 11’s and

Important Dates
  • Us vs Them – June 1
  • Us vs Them – June 7

Practice Schedule

  • No more practices

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