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Swim Meets

General Information and Important Details

The Meets

There are 70 events in each meet (not including Shrimps). Each event consists of a different stroke for each age group. The number of heats depends on the number of swimmers entered in the event.  All swimmers entered in an event swim that event.  All meets (except the All-Star Meet) use the following distances:

          • ages 10 & under – one full length of the pool (25 meters)
          • ages11-18 – two full pool lengths (50 meters)

The one exception to the distances above is the Individual Medley (“IM”), which is offered for ages 9 & up. The IM is four full lengths of the pool (100 meters), one length for each stroke. There is one IM heat for each gender in each age group beginning with 9 & up.  The stroke order for the IM is:  Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. 

Not to be confused with the IM is the Medley Relay, which is a 4-person relay event.  The Medley Relay is also four full lengths of the pool for 9-10’s (each swimmer swimming a different stroke for one pool length, or 25 meters), and eight lengths for all swimmers 11-18 (each swimmer swimming a different stroke for two pool lengths, or 50 meters). The order of the Medley Relay is: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle. The Freestyle Relay is also a 4-person event with lengths of the pool determined by age group as listed above.

The relays are a great way to get the whole team involved in the races and bring swimmers in each age group closer together to cheer on their teammates.  The Freestyle Relays, which occur at the end of each meet (or session, as applicable), are often the most exciting part of the meet!

Coaches decide what events each swimmer will swim. For each meet, coaches will “seed” the swimmers, meaning swimmers will be placed in heats for their events based on their recorded best times. All swimmers are permitted to swim up to a maximum of three individual events, plus two relays, for a maximum total of five events in each meet.

All-Star Meet distances are the same as above, except distances are in yards rather than meters.  More on that below.


The events and their order are as follows:

    • Freestyle – 6 & Under (all 6 & under swimmers, known as “Shrimps”, are done with their meet swims after this event)
    • Medley Relay – all age groups starting with 7-8’s
    • Freestyle – all age groups starting with 7-8’s
    • Backstroke – all age groups starting with 7-8’s
    • Individual Medley – only for age groups 9 & up
    • Breaststroke – all age groups starting with 7-8’s
    • Butterfly – all age groups starting with 7-8’s
    • Freestyle Relay – all age groups starting 7-8’s


Team points are awarded for the top four finishers in each individual event (not each heat) for each age group.  Points can be scored from any heat, as the fastest four times count, no matter the heat.  No points are awarded for Shrimp events (6 & under). The points awarded  during a dual meet are:


    • 1st Place 5 points
    • 2nd Place 3 points
    • 3rd Place 2 points
    • 4th Place 1 point


    • 1st Place 10 points
    • 2nd Place 6 points

Only “A” relay teams may score points in relay events. If an “A” relay team is DQ’d, the swim team receives no points for that relay (i.e., no points are ever awarded to “B” or “C” teams, even if they beat an “A” team).  In the event of a tie, the points for the applicable place, plus the immediately following place, are added together and split equally.  For example, if there is a tie for 1st Place in any individual event, each swimmer gets 4 points (5 points, plus 3 points, divided by 2 = 4 points), and the next fastest swimmer is awarded 2 points for 3rd Place.

Ribbons – Ribbons are awarded for individual events, 1st thru 8th place, and for relays, 1st and 2nd place. At all dual meets:

    • ALL 6 & under swimmers (Shrimps) will receive participant ribbons
    • Heat winner ribbons will be given for ALL 10 & under events

NOTE – No ribbons are awarded for 15 & up events

All-Star Meet

The All-Star Meet for the SouthPark Swim League is usually held at the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center (MCAC) in uptown. The All-Star Meet is usually the last Wednesday or Thursday before the  week of July 4th. The CSRC All-Star Team is chosen by the coaches and is based on times from the season. A swimmer must compete in a minimum of three (3) meets to be eligible for the All-Star Team. There are no Shrimp events at the All-Star Meet; however, a shrimp may age up to swim in an 8 & Under event if qualified.

Please note: NOT ALL SWIMMERS WHO MAKE THE ALL-STAR TEAM WILL SWIM AT THE ALL-STAR MEET. League rules require each team to have alternates for each event so our All-Star Team consists of participants AND alternates.  Some alternates may not  swim, but their presence is important for our team and they are still members of the All-Star Team.



Team Swim Suits

CSRC team members are expected to wear CSRC team suits and caps during meets.  In the event team suits are unavailable, please try to choose a solid navy color suit (red or grey trim are also acceptable).  SPSL league rules prohibit wearing year-round swim team caps or suits during meets.  Extra CSRC caps usually available, so please be sure to wear a team cap.

Parent Participation

The CSRC swimmers are only one half of the CSRC Swim Team. Parents are encouraged to support the team in any way possible. It requires many parents to run a safe and efficient home meet and to assist with away meets. It is imperative that all volunteer positions are filled at each meet. Prior to the first meet, you will be asked to sign up for volunteer assignments. If you are unable to fulfill your commitment to volunteer, you are responsible for finding your replacement and notifying our volunteer coordinators.

Code of Conduct

CSRC takes pride in showing great sportsmanship at practices and meets.  We expect each swimmer and parent to conduct themsvles accordingly.  In the event any you witness any unsportsmanlike behavior, from CSRC or any other team, please report the same to one of the CSRC coaches or parent representatives.  And please make a point to discuss what good sportsmanship means with your swimmers at the start of the season.  Examples include swimmers waiting in their respective lanes at the completion of each heat for all fellow competitors to finish the heat, and high fiving or fist bumping swimmers in immediately adjacent lanes.  


If a swimmer cannot be at a meet due to illness, vacation or other conflicts, he/she needs to let the head coach know as soon as possible. They are then “scratched” from the list of swimmers for that event. This is extremely important in assigning the swimmers to heats so that the meets run quickly and efficiently. This will also ensure that relay teams are not missing a swimmer. This simple courtesy will help tremendously!

Yards vs. Meters

The CSRC pool (as well as all other SouthPark Swim League team pools) is 25 meters long (commonly referred to as “short course meters”).  MCAC (which usually hosts the All-Star Meet) is configured as a 25 yard pool (commonly referred to as “short course yards”) for the All-Star Meet.    As a result, swimmers’ times at the All-Star Meet (including entry times on the heat sheets, which are all converted to yards) generally are slightly faster than their times for regular season meets, because 25 yards is slightly shorter than 25 meters.  

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