Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

New Members Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many new memberships spaces does CSRC have available each year?
It’s difficult to say how many new memberships spaces CSRC will have available on a year-to-year basis. Currently, CSRC is limited to having 380 family units in one year. Because we reach this number each year, we can only offer new memberships where we have received resignations from the year before. Annually, we re-enroll our current members during the period of late-February through early-April. After that re-enrollment period is over, we then know what spaces we will have available to offer interested families for the Summer.

2. How long will you be taking applications for this current summer?
We accept applications for membership throughout the entire year; however, January through April is the time that we receive the most interest. Prospective members who want to increase their chances for admission should submit their completed application, together with their membership fees, as early as possible during this time period.

3. What memberships are available to new members?
Each year, CSRC accepts applications for two membership classes: individual members and family members. Prospective members seeking an individual membership must be single and at least eighteen (18) years of age or older. Family memberships are available to all other prospective members regardless of whether all members of the family will use the facilities.

4. How do I get on the wait list for next year?
To apply, pay the wait list fee HERE and complete the follow up application.

5. Can any current member sponsor or endorse me and my family?
Yes, any current member, family or individual member, can endorse or sponsor your application. Because someone from CSRC reserves the right to interview any or all of these members, your Sponsor and Endorsers should know you and your family well, and be able to recommend you for membership.

6. How can I get access to the CSRC membership roster in order to determine who my Sponsor and Endorsers can be?
Generally, prospective members know at least one CSRC family member at the time of applying. These family members often times become the Sponsoring member and prove to be an invaluable resource for accessing other members. Because CSRC membership rosters for the current year are not printed and distributed until after all members have been processed and admitted, prospective members should gain access to the previous year’s roster through their Sponsor. If you need additional information, CLICK HERE to contact us.

7. How much does it cost a first-year member to join?
The current fee for a first-year member consist of three separate fees:

    • A one-time, refundable stock fee of $150
    • A one-time, non-refundable initiation fee of $3,400
    • The member’s current year annual membership dues. Dues and fees are not tax deductible.


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