Mark Hazzard Memorial Tournament Information

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Mark Hazzard Memorial Tournament Information

🗓   Saturday, Sep 12 2020 at 1:00 PM

The date for the 2020 Mark Hazzard Memorial Tournament is TBD.  Please check back for more information!

It’s time to get your game on and get ready for another year of great fun, competition and honoring our friend Mark and his family.

To read more about Mark, see below.



COST: $45 per person ($90 per team) includes tournament, tennis balls, online registration fees, food and drink for all participants.  REGISTER BELOW

REGISTRATION:  Email Gary Gerlach at and provide the following:

    • Your name and NTRP rating (put none if you are not rated)

    • Partner’s name and NTRP rating, or state if you need a partner

    • Send payment via



TOURNAMENT DRAWS:  Will provide morning of tournament

START TIME:   First round matches begin 1:00pm (depending on draw size)

  • There is a home swim meet the morning of June 1st.  Do not come before noon or you many not find a parking space.


  • Mixed Doubles, NTRP combined ratings for all players

  • Two flights, experienced and beginner

  • Compass draw format (non-elimination with winners/losers brackets)

  • Best of seven games with No-Ad scoring.

  • Dinner for all participants after the finals with BBQ, Ribs, and Fixins

QUESTIONS:   Please email Adam Maskill at or 270-559-8659 if you have any questions. Rain make-up date will be Sunday June 2.

About Mark Hazzard

A brief History about Mark:

Mark “Stand On It!” Hazzard grew up in up-state New York and Connecticut. He had the good fortune to travel south to go to college where he attended and graduated from UNC – Greensboro. After college Mark settled in Charlotte, NC where he met his wife, Merritt. Mark and Merritt have two children, Griffin and Julia.

Mark was a man of varied interests and passions. He had a special place in his heart for the Grateful Dead and the New York Yankees. He enjoyed reading, cooking (and eating), live music, and doing volunteer work for kids’ charities. Mark was blessed with an easy going nature and made friends easily. Mark had an engaging personality. He thrived on the give and take of good conversation and very much enjoyed getting to know people from all different walks of life.

Mark was also a sports enthusiast. He was a black belt in karate as well as excellent golfer and volleyball player. He started playing tennis around the age of 40 and never stopped. Mark enjoyed the competitive aspect of the game; however, just playing tennis with friends on a beautiful day (and consuming a few malt beverages) was much more important to him than wins and losses. Mark was always a gentleman on the court. His easy going nature transitioned to the tennis court. Mark was calm and cool under pressure, and he rarely showed any frustration with his opponent or partner and usually accepted poor line calls without complaint.

“Stand On It!” was a phrase Mark’s teammates would shout when he flushed an overhead during a match. Without a doubt Mark’s best shot was his overhead. He attributed his overhead prowess to his days of playing volleyball and spiking the ball every chance he got. Typically, Marked flashed a sly grin when anticipating an overhead, and when he cracked one the point was usually over.

Sadly, we lost Mark a few years ago although we have not lost his spirit or the impact he brought to the people around him. His wife Merritt is still a regular on our ladies teams here at CSRC and his name lives on not only in our annual tournament but also the stands that bear his name. Mark’s impact and personality are still evident in our men who knew Mark and continue playing on the courts at CSRC. Rarely does a clinic go by without some passing mention of Mark’s catchphrase (typically, when the guys are hitting overheads at the pros).
Hazzard’s Hangout was completed several years ago with proceeds raised from the Hazzard Memorial Tournament. Mark may be gone but his legacy and his passion will live on at CSRC everytime someone takes to the clay courts and sees his name watching over the action on courts 6 and 7!





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