2021 Covid-19 Swim Team Guidelines

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2021 Covid-19 Swim Team Guidelines


2021 CSRC Swim Team Plan


The following plan is based on information drawn from numerous swim and health professionals and organizations, including local competitive teams, local summer league teams, governmental agencies, healthcare professionals, industry groups (such as USA Swimming), CSRC’s pool management company (which also manages large pool facilities for competitive teams), and other swim leagues from across the country.  In deciding whether and how to proceed with Swim Team this year, the goal is to follow closely in the footsteps of other organizations, drawing on their innovations and hard work, while taking enough time to learn from and hopefully avoid missteps along the way.  CSRC Swim Team coaches and parent volunteers believe this plan creates the best reasonable option to provide the CSRC Swim Team experience this summer, while prioritizing the health and safety of all participants.  Please note that the specifics of this plan are subject to change based on factors such as changing governmental requirements, adjustments based on experience under this plan, and the number of participants.

General Guidelines

To adhere to maximum gathering and social distancing requirements, and to help with any necessary contact tracing on the back-end, Signup Genius may be used for practice sign-ups.  Practices will be limited as necessary to comply with applicable governmental regulations regarding maximum gathering limits. While not in the water, minimum distances of 6 – 10 feet will be maintained between individuals (swimmers and coaches) as necessary.  Masks may be required on deck (while not in the water), depending on guidelines on place at that time.

Practice Procedures

    • The health and safety of CSRC coaches and swimmers, and their respective families, is a top priority for CSRC.  Swimmers and coaches may not attend any organized Swim Team activity if they:
      • Have had COVID-19 and do not have a doctor’s note permitting them to return to practice.
      • Do not feel well.
      • Have a temperature above 100.00º within the past 72 hours.
      • Have been in direct contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the past two weeks.
      • Have traveled internationally, but not completed the two-week self-quarantine period recommended by the CDC.
    • For each week of practice, parents will need to sign-up for the days they want their swimmers to attend.  Sign-ups for will open on the immediately preceding Friday at 12:00 noon, and will remain open until Sunday night at 6:00 pm.  A Signup Genius link will be on the CSRC website, similar to Adult Lap Swim and general membership signup.
    • Swimmers must wear their swimsuit to the pool.  Clothes may be worn over suits, so long as no changing is required, as restrooms are to be used only for going to the bathroom.
    • Hand sanitizer will be located at the swimmer dropoff location, for use by each swimmer.
    • Parents initially will not be permitted to observe or enter the facility during practice.  Once coaches and swimmers are experienced and comfortable with practice procedures, and subject to maximum gathering and social distancing limits, parents may be permitted to enter the pool area (notice will be given in such event).   In the meantime, if parents want to remain at the facility, they will need to park and wait in their cars, being sure not to block the flow of traffic for dropoffs.
    • At dropoff, coaches will greet each swimmer and direct them to their starting point for the practice (e.g., either to a dryland staging area, or the pool deck).
    • Swimmers will be required to bring their own personal bag or backpack to hold all their belongings. They should keep these with them, placing them where directed by coaches (at least 6 feet apart, along the perimeter of the applicable area). So, for example, if directed to dryland at dropoff, the swimmer will bring his or her bag to dryland.  If the swimmer later transitions to the pool, the bags will go with.
    • For those in the pool, once bags are placed (with all belongings inside), swimmers will proceed directly to their assigned lane (coaches will assign and communicate lanes and dryland groups).
    • Swimmers should try to minimize contact with starting blocks, and initially no other equipment (kickboards, pull buoys, etc.) will be used.
    • All swimmers will swim only one length of the pool at a time (25 meters), exiting at the end of that length, remaining aware of swimmers approaching from behind and also of other swimmers exiting the pool at the same time.
    • Swimmers exiting at the end of the pool without starting blocks should exit in the middle of the lane.  Swimmers exiting at the end with starting blocks should all exit on the same side of the starting block.  So if lanes 4 – 6 are swimming toward the starting blocks, they should exit to the right of the starting blocks.  Similarly, if lanes 1 – 3 are swimming toward the starting blocks, they should exit to the left of staring blocks.
    • Swimmers in lanes 1 – 3 will return along the restroom side of the pool deck, and swimmers in lanes 4 – 6 will return along the dive well side of the pool deck, all maintaining proper social distancing at all times.  Below is a diagram of swimmer routing.  Directional flow to be determined by coaches at practice, to ensure swimmers have equal time using starting blocks.

    • When on the pool deck, coaches will monitor swimmers, encouraging minimum distancing and using cones or markings on the ground (approved tape only – not duct tape).
    • For dryland practice, swimmers will be informed of their groups by coaches either in advance of practice, or at dropoff.  These groups will consist of 8-10 swimmers, and two (2) or more coaches per group. Social distancing will be maintained though tape/barriers on the tennis courts, parking lot, grass, or other applicable areas.
    • Practices will end approximately 15 minutes before the start of the following session (if any), to allow time for swimmers to exit prior to the next session.  As practice procedures become more routine to coaches and swimmers, practice times may be extended slightly.
    • After practice, swimmers will leave collect their bags and exit the pool using the same designated entrance (A-M = front gate; N-Z = rear gate).
    • Hand sanitizer will be stationed at exits, for use by swimmers when leaving the facility.
    • Coaches will stage swimmers near dropoffs, remaining socially distanced.
    • Coaches will coordinate pickups, one at a time, in the same order of the cars in lined for pickup.


For 2021, we hope to have in-person meets, as opposed to the remote, or “virtual”, meets of 2020.  We will cooperate with opposing teams, confer with SouthPark Swim League officials and the CSRC Board, and follow the guidance available from State and local authorities, our pool management company, and local health professionals, while taking into consideration the well-established procedures in place with local, year-round swim clubs.  Under current State guidelines (issued March 24, 2021), it appears we could safely operate meets in multiple sessions, with limited parental attendance.  For instance, we could run a Shrimps session first, followed by a session with all swimmers 7 – 10 years old, and then a session with all swimmers 11 and up.  Swimmers and parents would clear the pool deck in between each session, so extra time would be allotted for that.  Depending on numbers between the two teams and governmental regulations in place at that time, we may allow one or two parents per swimmer on deck.  Again, we will follow regulations and guidelines in place at that time, and make prudent, safety-conscious decisions based thereupon.   Considering that local, year-round swim clubs have conducted indoor meets continuously and safely since May of last year, we are confident that (subject to changing circumstances) our outdoor meets can be run in a safe and family-friendly manner.  Key CSRC Swim Team parents and volunteers have been involved in and closely watching the progress and procedures in place with local, year-round swim clubs since last summer, so this will not be new to us.

Additional Important Notes

    • The Remind App will be used for communication with all parents during the season.  The group name and instructions for use will be circulated prior to the first practice.
    • Swimmers who refuse or repeatedly fail to obvserve coaches on social distancing guidelines/instructions, or any other health or safety-related guidelines, may be asked to leave practice for the day to ensure the health and safety of other swimmers and coaches.
    • Executive orders, CDC/OSHA guidelines, and other ordinances in force will be followed at all times and should overrule any contradictory guidance provided here.
    • These procedures will remain in place until further notice. As guidance and regulations are altered, coaches and parent volunteers will review and update their policies as required.
    • Swimmers and coaches may not attend practice if they:
      • Have had COVID-19 and do not have a doctor’s note permitting them to return to practice.
      • Do not feel well.
      • Have a temperature above 100.00° within the past 72 hours.
      • Have been in direct contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the past two weeks.
      • Have traveled internationally, but not completed the two-week self-quarantine period recommended by the CDC.

Action Plan if a Swimmer or Coach tests positive for COVID-19

    • Practices will be discontinued until cleaning and any related measures, as prescribed by our pool management company and Mecklenburg County Health Department officials, are performed.
    • Team parent representatives will contact the Mecklenburg County Health Department to comply with reporting, cleaning and follow-up procedures, as necessary.
    • Communication will occur with families of swimmers who had “close contact” with the swimmer or coach who tested positive.  These individuals will defer practice attendance and be asked to follow medical professional advice regarding treatment and quarantines.
    • Coaches will follow up regularly with the family(ies) of the affected coach(es) or swimmer(s).

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